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Custom Auto Detailing in Tempe, AZ

Our shop is an amazing spot in the area as a result of the engineering and design of the building itself. This is our third detail shop, and it’s entirely owner-operated. As a result, we don’t have any outside investors, and we are personally invested in the community around us. By the third shop, we’ve been able to see what we want and need in a high-end space.  Our storefront has a super clean, white interior with the latest and most advanced technology on the market. UV lights allow us to check all our finishes and open space with lifts so you can always see the cool projects we’re working on.

We’re happy and lucky to be a part of the Arizona car community. Don’t get us wrong — we worked for this, every day. Our team is just as passionate as we are. We’re so involved in customer service that we have basically become a concierge service. That’s because we’re specialists: we’d rather do what we do perfectly, and then refer you to the other amazing shops in our area for things that they are specialists at. Our location is absolutely perfect for that. We’re surrounded by a vinyl shop and a high-end tire shop. All three of us are on the same block, and we know each other. Whatever your car needs, Hyer Quality can either do it, or send you to the right person.

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Detailing has become much more high-end in the last 10 years. We used to have people surprised at our price tags, but now our clients understand that the type of detailing we’re doing is something that protects their investment for the life of the vehicle. They don’t view us as a car wash; they view us as a way to save thousands over the life of their vehicle.

Our Shop

What’s special about our shop, as opposed to other Ceramic Pro shops, is we’ve invested in the best technology possible. We’re the only ones in the area that have infrared lamps that Ceramic Pro Canada makes. We have spent thousands of dollars on lighting in our shop so we have the absolute best lighting for paint correction and for coatings.  This permits us to get the best installs possible.

Our facility is all white, so it looks like a showroom. It’s very luxurious. We’ve spent a lot of time and money on making it very comfortable. We don’t want to have people that come in here and look at it as just another automotive shop. The goal that we had in mind while designing the space was to replicate a showroom. It’s a very high end auto spa with a showroom feel.

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We Go Above And Beyond

People are so surprised that we enroll them in their warranties right in front of them. It can be confusing because the warranties are not active unless you submit it online, and we’ll do that for you right there in the shop. We don’t want people leaving thinking they’re covered when they’re not. It’s only takes a small amount of time, and we’ll give you a physical printout and all the digital information to make the warranty process straightforward and easy.  This takes the guessing and questions out of the process and will have you protected the second you drive off the lot.

Coating Vinyl

One of the things that really sets us apart is that we are an incredibly trusted when it comes to coating and protecting vinyl. Vinyl isn’t easy to coat, because it’s thinner and less permanent than a standard paint job. When it comes to vinyl you only have one chance to get it right. We’re one of the flagship stores for Ceramic Pro coatings, and we’ve been doing it since there were only 200 installers (now over 2000). We have an excellent reputation in Phoenix, and our clients trust us with their toughest and most complex jobs.