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Clear Bra Phoenix

You might be asking yourself, why is paint protection important to me? The answer is simple:  Paint protection is important to keep the suspect areas, or the entirety, of your car protected from projectiles and other contaminants.  The front end of your vehicle is the most susceptible to aging, abuse and discoloration. This blemished area can quickly diminish the value of your vehicle, and be a eyesore to yourself and to others. Our premium paint protection film (PPF) offers the greatest protection against damage from rock chips, road debris, scratches, bird etchings, tree sap and hard water by ensuring your factory paint stays protected. This simple investment can increase your vehicle by thousands of dollars when it comes to sell your vehicle. Aside from our Ceramic Pro packages, clear bra is the number one seller in our shop, and with good reason. The self healing properties of Clear Bra separates itself from the pack.  If a part of the clear bra is damaged from a rock chip, or other projectile, then you simply park the car in a heated area and watch the film literally heal itself.

We’re the number one rock chip state in the nation. It’s nothing but the desert out here, and as a result we expose our vehicle to preventable damage.  With paint protection film we protect your car from rock chips, insect acids, mineral build up and additional contaminants. We use SunTek Ultra as our paint protection film of choice.  This manufacturer backs it’s clear bra film with a ten year warranty. Since we have such strong UV rays and hard water, clear bra can take a lot of damage. We highly recommend that our clients get a package that includes clear bra for protection from rock chips, and Ceramic Pro to strengthen the clear coat and give extra protection to your clear bra and prevent fading . It will not only protect your car, but it will also extend the life of the clear bra you put on the car. Drive easy with the peace of mind of paint protection film and Ceramic Pro!

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Protect your investment!

Clear Bra Benefits

  • Only product that protects against rock chips.
  • New 10-year films are self-healing and guaranteed against yellowing, tearing, freckling, etc.
  • Protection from road salt, bugs, scratches, paint chipping, rock chips, and tree sap.

Available Packages

  • Front Bumper Package
  • Partial Front Package
  • Full Front Package
  • Custom Clear Bra, including Full Car

Clear Bra Phoenix: Protect Your Vehicle

Gone are the days when clear bra would yellow, flake, and freckle. SunTek Ultra is guaranteed for 10 years against all those things, and has superior self-healing qualities to keep your clear bra like it’s not even there.

Phoenix is a great place to live, but struggles with  environmental factors for our cars. Between harsh UV rays, rock chips, and hard water, paint protection isn’t an option; it’s a requirement. And while lots of states can get away with just the superior protection that Ceramic Pro offers, Arizona is the exception. Clear bra (or paint protective film) is the best option to keep your vehicle’s paint from chipping and protecting your investment in your vehicle. Whether it’s to keep the paint job looking fresh or to protect your custom vinyl coating, clear bra has you covered.

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SunTek Ultra – 10-year warranty

SunTek Ultra is one of the best products on the market, and they back this up with a 10-year warranty. Clear Bra has superior self-healing effects, and is guaranteed against yellowing, peeling, freckling, chipping, and so on. That means that it will be nearly invisible protection for your paint job. We recommend topping your PPF with Ceramic Pro. It will make your film last longer and will give fantastic protection from environmental fall out and self-cleaning effects for your vehicle.

Customer Service First

While most shops just let their customers register their warranties on their own, at Hyer Quality Detail we want to make sure all your warranties are filed properly. We take the time to sit down and register your warranties right there in the store when we’re protecting your vehicle. We provide the best customer service because we care about your vehicle. We want to know that the second you leave our shop, your investment in your vehicle and in your paint protection are guaranteed.