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Auto Detailing Paint Correction


Paint correction is an incredibly important step in paint restoration.  Before any Ceramic Pro package can be applied, paint correction must first be administered (unless the paint is flawless). There’s a big difference between correcting paint and polishing, and a lot of clients don’t necessarily know the difference. Paint correction means using abrasives that are actually removing the damage and restoring the clear coat.  At Hyer Quality Detail we don’t use polishes with fillers, we actually do the opposite. Polishes with fillers give you that good initial impression, but it’s really something that’s going to fill in the damage that you see and then return shortly thereafter. With paint correction, we use a combination of compounds and pads to carefully remove layers of the clear coat and take out those scratches, swirls and marring. This process gets your car ready for a paint protection. Whether it’s a clear bra a Ceramic Pro package or both, your car will be ready for it’s paint protection package once this step is completed.

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Both Packages Include

  • Full decontamination detail
  • Evaluation of current paint
  • Removal of wash lines, micro marring, and swirls
  • Paint Protection Options
The best way to protect your investment!

Paint Correction: Just as Important for New Cars

Paint correction is important for every vehicle. If you’re going to add a permanent or semi-permanent paint protection service on top, such as clear bra or a Ceramic Pro package this is an essential step in the process. The biggest thing to remember is that even brand-new cars off the dealership lot will often have paint damage. This is because the dealerships often keep their vehicles outside, and sometimes don’t maintain them as well as they should. Imagine if a car takes six months to sell off the lot, exposed every day to Arizona’s harsh environmental conditions. Now imagine that same car, unprotected from the elements, after being driven for three years. From our own experience of restoring and correcting vehicles in Arizona it takes three years for the paint to become damaged. After year three, the car will  definitely have some deep scratches, swirling, acid spots, and mineral spots.

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Ceramic Pro is a ceramic nano coating that strengthens the clear coat of your vehicle. It has self-cleaning properties that acts like an invisible shield for your paint.