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Car Detailing Tempe, AZ

At Hyer Quality Detail, we’re specialists. We only offer one package for detailing. This package is essentially the Ceramic Pro Sport Package. Every time we’re prepping a car, the standard is to start with a decontamination detail. This is one of the many components of how we set ourselves apart from other detailers, even other Ceramic Pro installers. Because we take a lot of time and care in to our prep work,  we ensure sure that the coating lasts the absolute longest amount of time possible. We know a lot of local installers that kind of skip this step and we feel like it sacrifices some of the quality. When you skip steps just for the sake of time you sacrifice quality and protection. At Hyer Quality Detail we ensure that we meet every standard to give you the best protection on the market.

We offer one standard detail and it’s our Sport Package detail. This is the lowest level Ceramic Pro package offered, and the product involved, Ceramic Pro Sport, has really replaced wax on every level for us. It’s an affordable, budget-friendly package. What we add in addition to the exterior Sport Package, and why we call this our standard detail package is what separates this package from our competitors. We do an interior wipe-down and we decontaminate the exterior of the car. We do a very deep cleaning on the wheels. We’ll do the engine bay as well if it’s requested. That is our standard detail. We want our shop to be a community of car enthusiasts and Ceramic Pro enthusiasts.  Hyer Quality Detail is a combination of an auto spa and a community center for people really passionate about car products and their vehicles.

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Why no traditional details?

Due to advancements and new technologies in the automotive protection industry, traditional details in Arizona are no longer the best forms of paint protection. Ceramic coatings are much more durable and effective than any detail where sealants or waxes can provide. In other words, what we used to think of as the last step in detailing is now the first step. We want to spend our time making sure that you’re putting your money to good use in protecting your vehicle. It’s important to not continually spend too much time and money trying to keep your daily driver or luxury vehicle in perfect condition. The up-front investment extends the life of your vehicle and requires less work from you longterm.

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Adam’s Products

We offer and use Adam’s Polishes detailing products. We have a very large selection of Adam’s best products. This company has been around for twenty plus years and offers a boutique-style detail product. Adam’s products offers much better protection than the typical stuff that you would find in a Walmart or AutoZone. These products are excellent for vehicle maintenance, specifically paint maintenance. Adam’s products  have a ton of products that work hand in hand with the car after it’s been ceramic coated. Adam has a wide selection of soaps that don’t contain waxes to keep your paint protected car clean. We are proud to state that all of Adam’s products are made in the USA. We don’t just sell these products, we use them on our cars too because we believe in them, and we trust that you will believe in them too.